Marc Miller
Senior Solution Architect

marc – at – marcallanmiller dot com


I have over 18 years of architecting, designing and developing applications using many languages and technologies such as: Java, HTML/JavaScript, Objective-C, Groovy, Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, JMS, RESTful services with JSON, Maven, Ant, Git and Subversion. I’ve also experience above curiosity in Erlang, Ruby and various Lisp dialects.

During my career, I have developed countless thin client, cross-browser, multi-platform, n-tiered applications with UX and system performance both a high priority. Technologies include: CocoaTouch, JQuery, Swing, JSON, HTML, XML and CSS for the front end and heavy use of Java with various persistence frameworks (Hibernate, iBatis, Torque) and MVC frameworks (Spring, Struts, JSF) in the middle and back end. I’ve expert experience in the full development lifecycle of iOS applications from conception to App Store. I’m also extremely well educated in the areas of OOAD in design patterns.

I’ve had hands on experience using many server technologies such as: Apache webserver, Nginx, Tomcat, Jetty, Weblogic, ActiveMQ, Oracle, MySQL and many more. I’ve also become enthralled with NoSQL solutions such as MongoDB, CouchDB and Datomic.


10/14 – Current
Care Logistics, LLC.
Alpharetta, GA
Senior Solution Architect

Primary job responsibilities are to architect solutions and aid in the development of new products within the Care Logistics software offerings. These products are developed with the latest, bleeding edge technologies such as: ES6/7 (using Babel), Clojure, Kotlin, Java, React, Datomic, GraphQL and others. To be honest, whatever technology fits is what I bring in to offer the development team; a complete toolset to promote an environment of exciting technology while balancing risk with business need.

4/14 – 10/14
Clearleap, Inc. (IBM Cloud Video)
Duluth, GA
Senior Software Engineer

Hired to work on the Clearleap "ClearFlow" engine which is the heart of Clearleap, Inc.’s business.

Singlehandedly, working on designing and developing the CLFS (Clearleap File System) to abstract out various storage types used within the Clearleap, Inc. infrastructure (Amazon S3/RDS, [S]FTP, Hadoop, Azure, Native/NFS etc.) to allow a single unified interface for managing our video assets and derivatives while providing redundancy and failover to guarantee our customers up to 99.999% availability.

I developed a custom S3 replication service and monitoring system to ensure that east and west coast assets are replicated across regions to allow failover in case of an Amazon outage (this is a forerunner to the CLFS mentioned above).

Triaged, and developed solutions for, severe performance issues within the system. These range from bad database queries, bad design on the front end due to architectural violations, to ‘bugs’ found deep within the Groovy SDK.

Mentored junior developers so that they better understand design and architecture and the importance of abstraction and documentation.

1/14 – 4/14
RelayHealth / McKesson
Alpharetta, GA
Software Engineer Cloud Technology

Hired as a consultant-to-perm to design and develop highly fault tolerant systems to be deployed within a cloud and Service Oriented Architecture. Currently working closely with individual business units to extract and define services, which will be exposed in the SOA environment via various cloud technologies (SOA, Apprenda, Magnolia CMS).

2/08 – 9/14

Care Logistics, LLC.
Alpharetta, GA
Senior Software Engineer

Employed to lead in the design and development of Care Logistics’ flagship product Patient Logistics™ and its clients. Architected and designed Nurse FloorView™, a wall-mounted touchscreen resource management product, and led a team of developers to deliver it. Designed and developed the Rounding Assistant™ iOS application for iPad and iPhone. Designed and developed the Service Area Technician™ iOS application for iPad. Designed and developed the In-room Patient Itinerary application. I have also architected, designed and developed many aspects of the core system. These items include: user interface components, the UI framework, core search, initial iOS prototypes, dynamic resource management algorithms and the data transfer communication protocols which encompass the entire event model and application lifecycle.

5/06 – 2/08

Alpharetta, GA

Senior Developer – Vertical Search Technologies

I re-architected and implemented the central search technology within the Vertical Search product. During this employment, I designed and developed a new web crawling application by extending the Heritrix webcrawler to use JavaDB as a persistence store. This used custom Lucene bindings to index the data, while using Hadoop to distribute the indexes. The customization also included a complex, but user friendly, administration application to control, monitor, rank and customize the crawling of sites within the vertical space.

4/01 – 5/06

DTE Energy
Detroit, MI

Software Development Strategist / Application Security Consultant

Appointed as a lead developer, I championed the design, development and implementation of departmental and enterprise applications. I utilized Java, J2EE, Jakarta Struts/JSF (Java Server Faces), XHTML, SQL and ECMA Script. These applications were targeted to be deployed on, but not limited to, Weblogic Server, WebSphere and JRun 3.0. I was also designated as a liaison between the Chief Technical Officer’s office and the Technical Architecture group for communicating new standards and guidelines to the Enterprise. I was a member of the DTE Center of Excellence, which was the development standards body within DTE Energy. Our focus was on industry standards ranging from W3C and Sun to IEEE.

8/98 – 4/01

ZipForm, LLC.
Clinton Township, MI

Senior Web Developer / IIS Administrator

I developed and maintained corporate Internet applications and e-commerce technologies using Active Server Pages with server side and client side scripting. This consisted of VBScript, JavaScript, SQL, ActiveX, CSS and standardized HTML.

7/97 – 9/98

World Dimensions LLC.
Flat Rock, MI

Web Developer/Assistant System Administrator

I coordinated, developed and designed several Web sites using HTML, JavaScript and Perl. These sites resulted in immediate success for our clients including, but not limited to, the auto and government industries.

8/95 – 7/97

CBF Systems, Inc.
Fraser, MI

Web Developer/Technical Support

Internally, I developed and maintained web presence. I also provided technical support for current software under development (i.e. Product testing and quality control of software) and managed and maintained source control system (VSS).


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