The Design of Everyday Things

For anyone who is interested in design, even if you know plenty already, you should still participate in this class:

It’s free, and it’s not very long (unfortunately). Take a peek.

I’ve read Don Norman’s (who is one of the three instructors) “The Design of Everyday things”, twice. It’s about to be three as a new edition of his book was released last month. It’s an amazing book on how and why we design things for humans. It will change the way you look at anything that works well, and things that are poorly designed. You will never look at a door the same way again. Anyway… If you design anything for humans to interact with, this is an awesome topic taught by an awesome person. Even if you don’t design things, this might help you discuss concerns you may have with a designer of anything, be it a website, an app for an iPad, a lamp, or a wall mounted switch.

I love the trend of all these online classes. I have participated in many. They are free and priceless.

You should also check out these sites for more awesome content: – Courses from many prestigeous institutions ( – MIT Open Courseware

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