My Collection of Awesome iOS Resources

I’ve compiled a list of resources that I found indispensable during my iOS development endeavors. One of the most important resources is Stanford’s CS 193P “Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad” class available for free on the iTunesU site. I have considered this to be a prerequisite course for planning on developing iOS applications.

Links marked with a “*” are considered extremely important and should be visited very early in your iOS/Apple development efforts.

Video Training

Stanford: CS 193P Coding Together: Developing Apps for iPhone and iPad (Winter 2013)

Requirement for any iOS developer. It’s free, it’s a legitimate source and it gives a very good mid-level overview of some of the most important aspects of Objective-C and the iOS SDK.

(*)Stanford: CS 193P iPhone Application Development (iTunesU Link)

Apple’s Video resources

(*)Apple’s Video Resources All the videos from WWDC 2013, WWDC 2012, WWDC 2011 and a bunch of other resources are available here. These videos are extremely important as they cover the technology in succinct chunks. They are also ‘correct’.

Blogs, Tutorials and Code (Oh My!)

NSBlog by Mike Ash – Friday Q & A covers many topics in C and Objective-C, a must for any serious developer.

Cocoa is My Girlfriend Blog Another good resources for some goodies about Cocoa development.

NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C and Cocoa, updated weekly.

NSScreencast has screencasts on different iOS APIs (paid site which I subscribe to), updated weekly.

Cocoanetics A cocoa programming Blog.

iDeveloperTV Various tutorials (paid) and a podcast (free).

(*)Cocoa Application Competencies for iOS Lists key components of the Cocoa framework for iOS and their descriptions. Everything an iOS developer must know.

(*)Apple Developer Forums, Apple Developer Site Forums and documentation from the source. You are better off asking questions
here and not finding the wrong answers on Stack Overflow. Yes, that is just my opinion but the feedback can be quicker and sometimes Apple engineers will jump on board. Plus, you might have an NDA if you are working on beta software.

(*)Tech Note TN2250 Very important document on troubleshooting code signing. Always go here before asking anyone on any forum or whatnot.

(*)iOS Mobile Human Interface Guidelines

Ray Wenderlich Tutorials for iPhone / iOS developers (including game development).

API/Components/Library Stuff

(*)CocoaPods: The Objective-C Library Manager. This is how we will manage dependency references within our Xcode projects at my company.

(*)AFNetworking The de facto networking API for iOS.

Cocoa Controls A site for Custom UI Controls for iOS and Mac OS X. Great for learning how people do cool stuff. Some automation tool we may be looking into.


(*)The C Programming Language Second Addition (A must read).

(*)Programming in Objective-C (5th Edition) (A must read).

Programming in Objective-C 2.0 Video (Pay Site).

Safari Books Online There are a lot of books available on O’Reilly’s Safari Books Online, get yourself a subscription and learn about every technology you can dream of.


TestFlight Deploy your applications to your beta testers through this awesome service. It provides crash reports, user feedback, install bases, reports and more.

Parse Let someone else do all the heavily backend lifting. A great framework for persisting your data in the cloud.



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