Composite Comparator

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Allows two comparators to be merged, so that if the major comparator returns equal, the other comparator is used. This can then be used to form composite comparisons.


        new CompositeComparator(new BeanPropertyComparator("lastName"),
            new BeanPropertycComparator("firstName") ) );

The example above sorts items on last name, and then first name. Two beans with the same last name will then be sorted on first name.


A simple utility class for sorting collections based on its contained bean’s properties.

    //example bean
    public class PersonBean {

        private String firstName;
        private String lastName;

        public PersonBean(String firstName, String lastName) {
            this.firstName = firstName;
            this.lastName  = lastName;

        public final String getFirstName() {
            return this.firstName;

        public final String getLastName() {
            return this.lastName;

    final List people = new LinkedList();
    people.add(new PersonBean("Benjamin", "Franklin"));
    people.add(new PersonBean("Ronald", "Reagan"));
    people.add(new PersonBean("George", "Bush"));
    people.add(new PersonBean("George", "Washington"));

    //sort by last name
    SortUtil.sort(people, "lastName");

    //sort by first name
    SortUtil.sort(people, "firstName");

    //sort by last name and first name
    SortUtil.sort(people, "lastname", "firstName");


The comparator factory can also create comparators based on bean property names.


final Comparator firstNameComparator = ComparatorFoctory.getComparator("firstName");

The ComparatorFactory can also create a composite comparator containing as many comparators as you like. So, instead of having a primary and secondary you can have a tertiary, quaternary and so on.

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